Learning a new Language.

9 05 2009

          Well, I am trying anyway. What I have picked up from my Polish lesson is Jestem Gruba. Which roughly means “I am fat.” I thought it was very funny that it happened to be the few words I could actually pronounce and remember.  Then I thought I would be funny and pick up a few words in the languages that my girls at work speak (Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian- *and before she gets crazy-Punjabi*, and Korean). Yeah, good luck with that one frog. 

          When I tried, Japanese was easy to find. Korean didn’t want to teach me in English (meaning the writing), and I couldn’t even find Vietnamese.  I couldn’t find Punjabi, but I did find Hindi. (Close enough for me.) And what could I pick up in Hindi. FAT. Seriously. So now, NewGirl- which was her old nickname- is now being called Moti at work. She doesn’t like it much but we think its hilarious.  

        I did look up Japanese and tried a few words. I was very bad at it, but it seemed easier then both Hindi and Polish. Who picks up the words? Tadpole #5. He’s 5!! Here I am trying to pronounce the words, and he is dancing around the house singing, “Onnanoko, Onnanoko”. Great.  At least he didn’t pick up on how to call me fat. Yet.




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