Chicken Pox and Barfy McChunksalot

15 05 2009

Yesterday was my day off. I had went to bed roughly around 2am, which is very much not like me. I woke up at 630 and got the kids ready for school then watched a little TV in bed. Around 830 I went back to sleep and slept in until 1030. Oh it was wonderful. I could have slept all day except I got the call that TP#2 was in the office and school and had thrown up. GREAT! So I went and got her. Around that time is when the sister and b.i.l. showed up. So Barfy McChunksalot (a.k.a. – TP#2)was told to go upstairs so she wouldn’t get anyone sick.  Sister and B.I.L. weren’t here long (whole other post), but tp#2 was asleep and soon the other TP’s were home. We did some running around after school got out. We got some pizza and watched a movie. TP#2 was in her room :(.

Anyhow, it was while we were watching TV, that TP#4 told me he was itchy. Hes got small bumps on his tummy and a few on his back. He has had the chickenpox shot, but you never know. IT looks like he could be getting the chicky pox! We will keep an eye on it for sure.




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