Feeling good.

20 05 2009

Today I talked to my aunt. She is so awesome, I don’t know why we were never close when we were growing up. (I’m 32, shes 44) It’s amazing the kind of connection you can have with someone who understands what you are going through.

I have said before that my daughter was molested by my dad. My aunt was too. Apparently when she was about my daughters age the whole thing happened. No one ever did anything for her. So now this whole thing with my daughter… she is so supportive. I couldn’t do it without her. My family has turned their backs on us. She totally understands that I need to vent, and she gives me a shoulder to cry on and an open ear. She’s so awesome.

So we had a talk today and it feels so good to have someone on my side! Of course my husband is too, but he is there in anger. We both need to talk to someone, but I cant find a support group or anything. I’m still looking. It saddens me that I cant talk to my mom or sister. But it just feels so good to have her. 🙂




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