Chicken Pox and Barfy McChunksalot

15 05 2009

Yesterday was my day off. I had went to bed roughly around 2am, which is very much not like me. I woke up at 630 and got the kids ready for school then watched a little TV in bed. Around 830 I went back to sleep and slept in until 1030. Oh it was wonderful. I could have slept all day except I got the call that TP#2 was in the office and school and had thrown up. GREAT! So I went and got her. Around that time is when the sister and b.i.l. showed up. So Barfy McChunksalot (a.k.a. – TP#2)was told to go upstairs so she wouldn’t get anyone sick.  Sister and B.I.L. weren’t here long (whole other post), but tp#2 was asleep and soon the other TP’s were home. We did some running around after school got out. We got some pizza and watched a movie. TP#2 was in her room :(.

Anyhow, it was while we were watching TV, that TP#4 told me he was itchy. Hes got small bumps on his tummy and a few on his back. He has had the chickenpox shot, but you never know. IT looks like he could be getting the chicky pox! We will keep an eye on it for sure.


The ghost is at it again.

10 05 2009

I don’t know if I already told you, but we have a ghost in our house. It stands in our doorways, it paces back and forth in the upstairs hall, and it knocks things around. I don’t think it is trying to scare us, just reminding us that its there. That said, TP#5 will not go to the bathroom alone. And I mean in the house. He has to have someone there with him, and they need to stay there. It’s not just at night (I thought maybe he was afraid of the dark) but its all the time. It drives the other tadpoles crazy when he wants them to go with him. He told me today that he could hear voices in one of the bedrooms, but he couldn’t understand what they were saying. We don’t know what spirit would be in our house, seeing how no one has lived here before us. No one has died in the house. It has never hurt anyone. So I don’t know. Anyone have any ideas on how to find out whats going on? I don’t want to get rid of it, just maybe find out who it is and why its here. But I don’t want to do the ouiji board or anything, sense I don’t want to invite anything else in.

Dont judge me on the state of my home.

10 05 2009

Because of the issues that we have been going thru, I have realized that there are more important things then keeping a clean house. Now, to be honest, it is not that before I was a clean freak. In fact, I have never kept up a great looking house. But still, I have been slacking. It just isn’t important. I have day old dishes in the sink as we speak. The kids are playing in the backyard in the little purple pool. (I was out there, but its too warm and the water too cold) The floor is cluttered with toys. Big freaking deal.

The reason I bring this up: The other day, a social worker’s assistant came out to the house the other day to take pictures of the kids. Our social worker would have done it, but this lady lives near us, and it wasn’t really a visit. It was unannounced and my house was not clean, but it wasn’t dirty. I didn’t really worry about it. TP#5 decided earlier that day that he wanted to draw tattoos on his arms. Did I let him do it? You bet. It doesn’t hurt anyone. We weren’t going anywhere. No big deal.  So his pictures with the Dept. of social services show him with markers ALL over him. Anyhow, I got a weird vibe from this lady. Almost like she was looking down on me. But I’m paranoid. So last night out social worker came and took my daughter out to the mall (she is awesome btw. I love her.). Afterwards, we were sitting there talking and I made a comment about this lady. She told me that my vibe was totally right. The lady had made a comment about my house. WHATEVER!! She didn’t even come in the house. She could see thru the front door. In our front room, there are boxes everywhere. We are getting ready to move. So when the lady made the comment, our social worker was all over her ass.  It was awesome. “You mean the boxes? They are in the middle of packing.” DUH! There are things more important!!!

I’m sorry, my 11 yo daughter was molested by her grandfather, and you are worried about boxes? At least I didnt have the kids juggling knives in the front yard like normal. Then what would they think?

10 05 2009

I am addicted to this site. I always want to send stuff in, but I never have. There are so many secrets that I have. And since I have Mommy issues and today being mothers day, it is especially good. I like seeing that other people are screwed up just like me! Anyways, go have a look. Its a fun site.

My Mothers Day

10 05 2009

This morning I was allowed to sleep in, so of course I woke up early after not being able to sleep last night. Besides having insomnia, TP#5slept in our room and the dog. The dog thinks he owns the joint. So he decided to sleep where my legs should be. I was forced into a very uncomfortable sleeping position. When everyone got up for the morning I took a little nap. 🙂 I finally woke up around 930. The tadpoles all came in and yelled HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOMMY! Hubby had made me bacon and potatoes. (I could smell eggs, too, but he knows they upset my stomach. What a good guy!) They were yummy! I watched some Extreme Forensics on the DVR and got up about 10. Then we went to Sams club and spent way too much money, but I got my Coke with pebbled ice, so it was all worth it. We are about to fill up the pool and take a dip.

Learning a new Language.

9 05 2009

          Well, I am trying anyway. What I have picked up from my Polish lesson is Jestem Gruba. Which roughly means “I am fat.” I thought it was very funny that it happened to be the few words I could actually pronounce and remember.  Then I thought I would be funny and pick up a few words in the languages that my girls at work speak (Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian- *and before she gets crazy-Punjabi*, and Korean). Yeah, good luck with that one frog. 

          When I tried, Japanese was easy to find. Korean didn’t want to teach me in English (meaning the writing), and I couldn’t even find Vietnamese.  I couldn’t find Punjabi, but I did find Hindi. (Close enough for me.) And what could I pick up in Hindi. FAT. Seriously. So now, NewGirl- which was her old nickname- is now being called Moti at work. She doesn’t like it much but we think its hilarious.  

        I did look up Japanese and tried a few words. I was very bad at it, but it seemed easier then both Hindi and Polish. Who picks up the words? Tadpole #5. He’s 5!! Here I am trying to pronounce the words, and he is dancing around the house singing, “Onnanoko, Onnanoko”. Great.  At least he didn’t pick up on how to call me fat. Yet.

Vampire Forks

6 05 2009

Conversation overheard yesterday between Hubby and tadpole #5.

TP5: Dad? What are forks?

H: Eating utensils.

TP5:Ohhh. So vampires live in eating utensils.