The Beach

22 06 2009

Took the kids to the beach yesterday with my hubby, for fathers day. The kids forgot thier towels, but they had a blast. Unfortunatly, there was a strong undercurrent so they couldnt go out far. Even getting in the water up to their knees, #3 got knocked over and pulled in. Not very far, but it was enough to scare us! It’s amazing to me that some of the parents were letting their little kids play by the water by themselves! There was a little boy who was near us that got knocked over a few times. He couldnt have been older then 4. Hubby kept asking me where his parents were, and told me to grab him he got pulled in. I realize you have to give your kids some space sometimes, but the beach isnt the time! I was right there holding my little ones hands. And they are 5 & 7. The older 3 knew they could get pulled in and were holding hands with eachother. 😀 It was so cute. Lots of complaining on the way home because of the sand in the cracks and having to put on their clothes when their bodies were still wet, but they will learn! Good fathers day.


If you blog it, they will come.

22 05 2009

So who is coming? I don’t even know who reads this. I try and comment on everyones blog that I read, just to let them know someone is reading. Is that how you got here? Did you do a google search? A tag? How did you know about my little ol’ page here?

It’s my Anniversary!!

20 05 2009

YAY!! Three years today I walked down the isle! I will have to get out pictures and put them on here. We have been together for 6 1/2. He is so wonderful, and I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband and father to my children.

20 Random Things about me :)

6 05 2009
  1. My favorite color is green!
  2. I got my dad arrested.
  3. Coca-cola is my favorite drink.
  4. I have a ghost in my house.
  5. My 7th grade science teacher is my sons 7th grade science teacher.
  6. My best friend named my youngest son.
  7. I’m a HUGE fan of the Sims2 and can’t wait for the Sims3.
  8. When I type, I don’t do apostrophes. The spell checker puts them in.
  9. I have 2 tattoos, and want more.
  10. I love lifesaver WintOgreen sugar-free candy.
  11. I have read all the Twilight books. 3x’s each. And I will probably do it again.
  12. I got pregnant, the first time, when I was 17. I lost the baby, and my dad bought me a fish.
  13. Strangely, it did make me feel better.
  14. I threaten the girls I work with on a daily basis. It sounds crazy as I type it. But it seems so normal there. We all whisper “I hate you” under our breath. It’s the best group of people I’ve ever worked with.
  15. Sometimes I don’t shave, just to see how long it can go before it starts to bother me.
  16. I have insomnia.
  17. I LOVE forensic, crime scenes, and the paranormal.
  18. My husband and I like to go to cemeteries and see what the oldest dates we can find are. 
  19. I love anything historical, too, so to go to old historical graveyards is awesome to me.
  20. I’m terrified of heights.